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Education & ILICA Certification Program

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Illinois LICA offers several educational opportunities throughout the year that apply to land improvement contractors all over Illinois (check our events tab for the most recent workshop dates).  These sessions cover a variety of subjects from general business issues to drainage and earthmoving. Sessions are open to the public, however ILICA members and their employees receive a discount on registration fees. 

Yearly demonstration projects, such as those completed for the Conservation Expo, The Wetlands Initiative, IL Corn, U of I and others, provide hands-on training alongside the the most experienced contractors in the business in several Best Management Practices (BMPs).    Partnerships with U of I, NRCS and SWCD offices keep our contractors on the cutting edge of the latest conservation practices and technologies.  

ILICA also has a drainage, drainage water management, earthmoving and conservation certification program developed with Professor Kent Mitchell from University of Illinois, Dept. of Ag Engineering.  Any Illinois contractor is eligible to obtain this certification and sessions offered during conventions and workshops support the continuing education requirements for the program.  Illinois is one of the few states that has a certification program, which is being used as a model for other states and national LICA.


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