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As a growing, not-for-profit association with over 200 members, ILICA focuses on building quality, industry leading membership. If your company is involved with excavation, earthmoving, landscaping, drainage, on-site waste treatment, paving, reclamation, trucking, directional boring, etc., we encourage you to consider becoming a member of the Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association. Members not only get access to a wide array of education and business resources, but they also get the opportunity of great advertising in our statewide Directory and access to the powerful expertise found within the ILICA network. Plus, new members receive FREE Annual Meeting Registration (3 days), just for signing up! Additional ILICA contractor membership benefits include:


  • Competitive United Fire Group Insurance program with dividend potential

  • Group health insurance

  • National LICA Contractor magazine

  • ILICA Newsletters

  • ILICA Directory and company listing

  • ILICA Board of Directors meetings

  • Notices of meetings, workshops and information regarding upcoming events

  • Various equipment, fuel, tire, lubricant, etc. discounts

  • Various planning & management programs (i.e. safety, business, wellness, hearing, identity theft & personal/business protection)

  • Invaluable industry networking, education, and certifications


We hope you realize the benefits that ILICA can bring to your company, whether in the form of employee education or enhanced name/company recognition in your area and statewide. Contact the office for more details about membership and to request a membership packet at 309-932-1230. 

Associate  Membership

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Contractor  Membership

Member Providing Contractors Resources. Click to view a printable application at

Not ready to become a member yet, but still want to keep up with the latest industry news?

Get an ILICA News subscription for only $50/year by clicking here.


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Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association, Inc.

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