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2019 Officers

Past President:  Lee Bunting - Dwight, IL

President:  Grant Curtis - Sciota, IL

Vice President:  Steve Anderson - Marseilles, IL

1st Vice President:  Eric Layden - Hoopeston, IL

Treasurer:  Bill Dean - Mattoon, IL

Executive Secretary:  Ryan Arch - Galva, IL


Grant Curtis, Bill Dean, Lee Bunting, Ryan Arch, Steve Anderson 


2019 Board of Directors

Area 1: Brian Brooks

Area 2: Vacant

Area 3: Wes Litwiller, Joe Streitmatter

Area 4: David Kennedy, John McCoy

Area 5: Earl Mast

Area 6: Bill Dean, Jon Seevers

Area 7: Vacant

Area 8: Tom Beyers, Norm Kocher

Associate Director: Brad Baker


John McCoy, Earl Mast, Joe Streitmatter, Grant Curtis, Brian Brooks, Jon Seevers, David Kennedy, Lee Bunting, Scott Day, Tom Beyers


Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association, Inc.