Drainage Webinars

University of IL 2020 Tile Drainage Design & Water Management Workshop (FULL)

September 30, 2020

Sponsored by University of IL:

Video content is interactive and designed to be used in tangent with downloadable workshop content.

Introductory drainage design content includes: surveying basics, calculating lengths and slopes, soil properties, drainage coefficient, lateral depth and spacing, sizing mains, system layout and more!

Advanced drainage design content includes: LiDAR data, resampling, creating contour lines, watershed delineation, lay lines, topo map creation, sizing control zones, IL DWM plans, and more!

Saturated Buffers

June 04, 2020

Saturated Buffers are one proven conservation drainage practice used to reduce nitrate losses from subsurface drainage systems.

Springfield Plastics, Inc. -
The Long & Short Term Effects of Drainage Installation on Your Farm

July 29, 2021

Steve Baker and Jennifer Furkin from Springfield Plastics, Inc. explain the impact a good drainage system can have on your farm operations and the financial benefits that come with it. Getting control of how your land drains water creates many profitable benefits for you that will last for generations.

Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association, Inc.