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2019 Farm Progress Show

During the 3-day, 2019 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL, ILICA showcased the installation of over 30 acres of pattern tile drainage and a 12'x50' denitrifying woodchip bioreactor. The perfect weather for the end of August yielded great attendance and made in-field work comfortable for all volunteers. With assistance from the Illinois Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), in-field attendees learned exactly what bioreactors look like, how bioreactors function, and what services bioreactors provide water quality management here in IL.

For the first time ever, ILICA, in partnership with the Drain Tile Safety Coalition and Associate member Ameren Illinois, hosted a mock utility line strike demonstration during the 2019 Farm Progress Show. While the first mock line strike drew hundreds of attendees and various media, an issue with the 2" airline that simulated the gas line prevented the intended visual impact. After a few adjustments, however, the strike on the last day of the Farm Progress Show realistically demonstrated the dangers of completing any below ground work without first calling 811.

The Farm Progress Show demonstrations were considered a great success. They showcased our industry’s involvement and commitment to Illinois’s nutrient loss reduction goals, water quality improvement, and safety. THANK YOU to all the following involved with this great project.

Our sincere thanks goes out to our generous Associates and partners for their donations including equipment, materials, and manpower:

​Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.; Agri Drain Corp.; Alta Equipment Company; Altorfer, Inc.; Birkey's; Bower's Great Lakes Inter-Drain, Inc.; BRON; Brown Bear Corp.; Fratco, Inc.; Martin Equipment of Illinois, Inc.; Natural Resources Conservation Service; Northland Trenching Equipment, LLC; Port Industries, Inc.; Prinsco, Inc.; Roland Machinery Co.; Schlatter's, Inc.; Springfield Plastics, Inc.; Sunbelt Rentals; White Barn Tech; Xylem, LTD.

Thank you to the ILICA volunteers who showed up and volunteered their time, expertise, and staff during construction of the project including:

Tom Beyers, Don Bunting, Lee Bunting, Grant Curtis, Shawn Stigall, Brian Brooks & BFT Crew, Jon Seevers & SFDI Crew, David Kennedy & KFD Crew, Justin Cole, Bill Dean & Dean Drainage Crew, Earl Mast, Ron Masching, Steve Anderson, Rob Williamson Excavating Crew, Stephen Anderson, Luke Anderson, Stan Seevers, & Dick Anderberg.

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