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2023 Farm Progress Show

During the 3-day Farm Progress Show held August 29-31 in Decatur, IL, ILICA showcased yet another installation of 20 acres of pattern tile drainage. Having improved the drainage in and around Progress City for over two decades, these opportunities for ILICA to demonstrate the benefits and proper installation of subsurface tile drainage during the Farm Progress Show are quickly dwindling. If the most recent demonstration were to be our last, it will have ended on a high note with perfect weather, great attendance, and strong volunteer and Associate member support. Moving forward, however, we will still have the opportunity to educate folks about drainage and other services our members and our Association can provide landowners through our continued presence in the Partners in Conservation tent.

THANK YOU to all the following involved with this great project.

​Our sincere thanks goes out to our generous Associates and partners for their donations including equipment, materials, and manpower:

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.; Altorfer, Inc.; Birkey's; BRON; Central Plastic Products, Inc.; Cook's AGPS, LLC; Fratco, Inc.; JCG Midwest Drainage Products; Martin Equipment of Illinois, Inc.; Mid America Trenchers, LLC; Prinsco, Inc.; River Valley Pipe, LLC; Schlatter's, Inc.; Springfield Plastics, Inc.; Wolfe Heavy Equipment.

Thank you to the ILICA volunteers who showed up and volunteered their time, expertise, and staff during construction of the project including:

Armando Alanis, Dick Anderberg, Steve Anderson, Brian Brooks & Brooks Farm Tiling Crew, Tony Cain, Bill Dean & Dean Drainage Crew, Theodore Graff, Eric Hubner & M&H Excavating Crew, David Kennedy & Kennedy Farm Drainage Crew, Eric Layden & Layden Drainage Crew, Earl Mast, John McCoy & McCoy & Son’s Tilling and Excavating Crew, James Ramsey, Tyler Seals, Jon Seevers & Seevers Farm Drainage Crew, Stan Seevers, & Joe Streitmatter.

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